5 Affirmations to Say in the Mirror Everyday


Let's be real, the journey to and through self-love and self-care isn't always peachy.

The biggest misconception about people who are typically enthusiastic or cheerful is that happiness comes easy. The truth is the person with the biggest grin on their face  are more than likely struggling with depression. This may or may not be true about you or the people around you but one thing's for sure, happiness is a choice and it's work. Whether you've been taught since conception or if you're new to being active in your own happiness, affirmations should be an essential part of your self-love/care practice--emphasis on practice-- So look over the 5 affirmations below and consider saying them to yourself once a day in the mirror. If you don't like the ones below, make up your own affirmations. Say nice things about yourself, affirm your place on this earth, then re-affirm it once a day. Get out of your head and get in tune with love. Then let that shit radiate from your pores.  

"An affirmation a day keeps the ego away"


  1. I am worthy of abundance

Half the battle of having abundance is believing you're deserving of it. Wellness brands and inspirational speakers would normally suggest the affirmation I am abundant. It's suggested that if you look at your life as abundant, you'll attract abundance. Which is true, but what happens when you don't think you are deserving of  it? There are so many people who sell themselves short because they don't believe they can achieve whatever "crazy" thing they want to accomplish. Doubt or fear starts to creep in and takeover. Whether it's falling in love, getting that dream house, working your dream job or having that dream body, you deserve it. Treat doubt like the fuck boy it is and tell his nasty ass, thank you for coming but you can exit now, I need to make room for love. Get over doubt and live abundantly. 

 2.  My higher-self conspires to provide me with what's for my good. 

Some refer to it as God, Goddess, the Universe, Creator, or Source Energy. Whatever you decide to call it, there's a higher power out there that wants nothing but the best for you. The cool thing is that majestic power that everyone raves about is inside of you. You just have to consistently remind yourself that it's there. Everything in this life reacts to the energy you put into the universe and when you're intentional with the energy you put out there, you'll get it back ten fold. Remember life isn't working against you, it works with you, like a collaboration so treat it well and never forget to show gratitude. 

3.  I am love and I am loved

Point, blank, period. This needs no further explanation. 


4. I possess the strength and the will to make it through this day

There always comes a time when you feel like you're drowning in an 8 foot pool of darkness and you don't know how you're going to keep your head afloat. Life can get extremely overwhelming but you must affirm that your situation is there to strengthen you. Every moment or experience is there to prepare you for what's to come. Life is to be experienced triumphantly. So figure out what lesson life is trying to teach you and use it to your advantage. Consider a time in your past when you've struggle and made it through, whatever you're currently going through isn't different. Try recalling a time you've felt defeated. Remember, you made it through that day and you'll make it through the next one. 

 5. Today I affirm that I am that Bitch! 

We all need a confidence booster every once in a while. Why not look your self in the mirror and gas yourself daily. Saturate you're beautiful brown skin in coconut oil or Shea butter, put on your favorite fragrance oil, throw on an outfit that makes you feel your best, spend some extra time putting on some makeup ( even if it's minimal), and don't forget to turn on some Beyonce while you're doing it. Every day you should walk outside ready to face the day, knowing (but affirming) you are That Bitch!

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