"Everything is Everything" w/ Char Bell

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One major component in the journey to --- and through--- self-love is honoring the divine light in others.

In the yoga community, this is acknowledged by saying Namaste to another being.

I remember the beginning of my self-love journey. When I was finally able to look in the mirror and adore what was looking back at me. The moment I was able to truly love myself, my essence, and my spirit. I was able to see the good in other beings; especially WOC.  I saw them as reflections of myself. 

Char struck me by her beauty and social media presence. She spoke so eloquently and freely about spirits and vibes of this dimension. But what really caught me was her willingness to share the journey of her yoga practice. It's rare to come across a women my age so eager about the practice. Her love of yoga is just as deep as mine. So when she showed interest in being part of a photo project, I was delighted to work with her.

Char was gracious enough to share her thoughts and story about her self-love journey. Check out what she had to say below. 

"When you have a solid relationship with yourself, you never feel inadequate because you know that everything is everything. And whatever isn’t, doesn’t need to be. Once, I thought that self-care meant knowing a lot of things and being obsessively refined. Knowing big words and how to prove someone wrong. I thought self-care meant having the money to do things that make you happy. Although these things can be part of the bigger picture, I realized self-care is not as superficial. See, sometimes it really takes getting back to the basics to understand your direction. Self-care ultimately for me meant letting go of the things that blocked me from expressing my true self. Letting go of the unnecessary, fear, doubt and shame.
Letting go of the idea that I need to search for something outside of me to be whole. Before experiences in life could turn me into an F-THE-WORLD type of person, I knew I had to accept the responsibility of why things go left, and why things go right. Awareness of my impact. Self-care is validation. Self-love is a birthright. And it took a little self-care to have a little self-love.Then, some more self-love brought even more self-care.
I knew that I was lacking self-love-care when I realized I over exert myself as an attempt to gain love/attention from others. A people pleaser. Never wanting to upset others. Being an enabler. Telling white lies to spare feelings. Telling big lies to spare feelings. These instances disabled me from truly expressing myself. I can’t be me if I care too much about you and what you think. Loving myself meant being honest with myself and others. Something that I had feared for so long when ironically there’s way more security in honesty. You lose people and things that you thought would be everlasting. And that’s okay. Because when you love yourself, all the matters is the protection of your peace."

Char frequently hosts Yoga sessions, be on the look out for them.

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