"Finding the Beauty in the Ugliest Part of Yourself" w/ AshShanelle

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Whenever the phrase in bloom is mentioned, I can't help but to think about the rose that is AshShanelle (Ashley J).  With a presence that commands attention and a voice that fills up a room-- but really, her voice is probably the most memorable thing about her-- Ash is like no other. She [Ash] has been a ball of energy from the moment I met her. She's always been eager to work and learn. From performing arts, modeling, and creating refurbished painted women's wear for The Queen Collection, her glow-up game is strong. "Get the money, get the money, get the money." *In Ash's voice*  She has blossomed into a beautiful women, it's a delight to see her flourish in her endeavors. 

Let's see what Ash had to say about her journey to-and-through self-care/love.


What does self-care look like? Why do you feel self-care/self-love is important?

Ash: Self-Care is where you truly fall in love and in like with yourself. You have to get deep and quiet. I embrace self-love by running and leaping towards anything my spirit is drawn to. Self-love is finding beauty in the most ugliest parts of yourself. I'm huge on breathing, yoga, reading, writing, acting, and anything that allows my mind to create. It's my truth. This [truth] encourages and allows you to express those things in your subconscious, heal, share, and lastly triumph. After all, that is our purpose!


Describe a defining moment when you realized you needed to love yourself more.

Ash: I'm constantly reflecting. A specific time where I needed to love myself more was experiencing a rough time in my adulthood, being on the brink of a college dropout, facing rejection auditioning, and just wildly in turmoil with childhood baggage. I remember binge watching on Netflix and just laying in my bed. I think when u really hit rock bottom, bank account on zero, no casting directors calling, heart is heavy, the spiritual foundation pushed me and told me to "get up." Just like we all do, I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and in the words of Ntozake Shange, loved myself fiercely.


Were there any lessons learned? Describe them.

Ash: I loved myself fiercely. I began to affirm what I wanted and sacrificed my art in order to feed myself! I'm grateful because my sob story is gracefully putting me into my full Goddess. I am eager for the future and I have learned the universe is wonderful. You are what you put out. Once I gained the confidence after hitting the bottom I learned that I AM. I AM walking in my greatness and even the setbacks, even the trials, in the words of Whitney Houston cannot stop my triumphs.




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