"Let's Heal from the Inside Out" w/ HG's founder Aja Janay


The constant journey of life is nothing short of simple.

Things get tough -- extremely tough-- and sometimes there's nothing holding you up but your faith in the strength of Source Energy. We're often faced with heartache, disappointment, rejection, loneliness, and trauma. According to the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people around the globe suffer from depression. This rate has increased by more than 18% since 2005, making it the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide. ( Source: World Health Organization )  It seems to me some love and healing is needed in the world today; but we all knew that already.

+ What if we lived in a world where people took responsibility for their own happiness?

+ Where people only acted out of love?

+ Where people make a conscious effort to heal themselves while inspiring those around them to do the same?

My intention is to cultivate a life of wellness and happiness for myself and those who are reflections of who I am. Who am I? My name is Aja Janay, founder and creative director of Heal + Glow. I began making candles during my time as an undergraduate to relieve me of stress, anxiety and moments of deep depression. During those really dark moments of sadness, the flames of each [lit] candle reminded me that there's always a little bit of light in a space full of darkness. This light did not come easy. I had to fight for the light. I was forced to journey into the crevasses of my being to find what was there. Scrolling through Instagram someone captioned, 

"What if I told you, you had the power to heal yourself."

Then it all became so clear. I needed to look myself in the mirror and love myself a little harder. I needed to care for myself a little more. I desperately needed to give myself the love I deserved and desired. Moving forward, I sought out a life of self-love, self-care, and wellness. That light [among other things] saved my life. If I can be the light [or provide it with my handmade candles] that inspires others to love a little harder or care a little more, then I know going through those moments of darkness served a greater purpose. I plan to do this through Heal + Glow.

HG started off as a candle line intended to bring people peace and joy with each flame. I am now transforming HG into a lifestyle brand where you are able to indulge in an experience. You can now come to HG's site to purchase candles and read stories of how other's are living their best lives [or being their best selves]. HG highlights acts of self-love and wellness in Art, Literature, Music, Television, and Film. This platform will also be used to focus on mindfulness in Beauty and Fashion trends. HG has you covered on conversations in regards to Fitness and Nutrition, Spirituality and Sex. Yes sex, because why not? We're living our best lives here people. It's almost impossible to be your best self without being informed on how we function physically, spiritually, and sexually.  You know the quote, "when a flower does not bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower." It's that same idea. So we'll also have dialogue centered around travel and creating sacred spaces in homes conducive to growing into wellness practices. 


Let's heal from the inside out, together. Let Heal + Glow inspire you to do so. 

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