"Gettin' Personal" w/ Latticia Morapedi of Relevant Waffle

The internet is a complex yet fascinating place. It's a world of infinite possibilities with all the information (true and false) your attention span can handle. The coolest thing about the internet is learning, growing, and communicating with people all over the world. Finding people with similar interests, hobbies, or goals is literally as easy as a #hashtag search. Cultivating a tribe is definitely a fundemental part of growing into your higher self. It's essential to surround yourself with those who are reflections of yourself and your goals.

Before the conception of Heal + Glow, I knew I wanted my work to encompass all my interests. I had an interest in art, culture, and all things wellness. I also knew I wanted to provide a tangible product for wellness practices or when creativity strikes. For the longest time I thought I was crazy and thought I had to figure out one thing to focus on. I thought I had to put myself in a box in order for people to understand my work. Until I found the magical world of blogging where I'm able to put everything onto one platform. Since I figured out how to be limitless, It's always a pleasure to find other creatives (particularly ones of color) whose work and interests are similar to mine, unconstrained. It's especially pleasing to connect with creatives and brands outside the U.S.  I had the delight of chatting with the founder of Relevant Waffle Latticia Moraped, an online publication centered around building community and self-love. The blog covers an array of topics including food, fashion, and skin care tips. I even had the honor of being one of its #RelevantWaffleGALspiration.  Check out what Latticia had to say about Relvant Waffle and her Self-Love journey below.


Tell me about yourself, what you do, and what inspired you to begin your work.

Latticia: Hey Aja, my name is Latticia Morapedi, I am the founder of Relevant Waffle, an online platform which is rooted in values of self-love, being good for you and building a community. I started Relevant Waffle as a blog to just generally talk about things which interested me, I wasn't a fashion blogger, I wasn't a food blogger, I wasn't a beauty blogger, I just spoke about things I cared about whether that was my traumatic hairdresser experience or the best restaurants I've been too. The name stemmed from really aiming the keep the blog as unrestricted as possible, so the term waffle, is a British verb for to chatter or ramble which is typically how I tend to talk and express myself - a lot of waffle, but all in all relevant, get it?

Latticia: Since launching Relevant Waffle, it has become a place to read about entrepreneurial women from self-made florists to embellishers through our weekly interview series called #RelevantWaffleGALspiration. A #RelevantWaffleGALspiration is a prime example of a successful entrepreneurial millennial woman who refuses to be defined by societies images of what she should be. She fearlessly carves her own path and follows her instincts. I started this weekly interview series because I really enjoy listening/reading about women who have found something they are genuinely passionate about and make a sustainable living from it, and I hope that by shining a light on people who have unconventional careers, it will inspire other gals to do the same.



 Describe your self-care practice. 

Latticia: My self-care practice is without a doubt skincare. I have always mixed and made my own scrubs and masks from an early age through seeing my mom make her own products from ingredients found in the kitchen. I've always learnt that what I put on my skin should be as good as what I digest i.e natural, pure and raw. To me self-care is mixing up an exfoliating shea butter lotion bar, or a charcoal honey mask and going upstairs into my bathroom, catching up on youtube videos and doing my self-care skincare routine. It really relaxes me and sets me up ready for a good nights sleep. Being a mother is challenging and tiring as well as rewarding, so taking time out to look after my skin and hair just makes me feel good.

Latticia: My passion to nurture my skin using pure and natural ingredients pushed me to start my own self-care inspired business which is the #MIYSELFCARE KIT by Relevant Waffle, a subscription box that connects with women with the tools to make their own beauty products. Each month, women will receive pre-measured ingredients to make their own face and body treatment with recipes that take just 15 minutes. The focus on this subscription box is to encourage women to take charge of what they put on their body, through educating them on natural and organic ingredients. As well as two MIY (mix it yourself) treatments, subscribers will receive a self-care treat from a women-owned and focused business.

Latticia: It was important for me that women cared as much as they do on the contents of their food as they do on the ingredients included in their beauty products, so essentially the #MIYSELFCARE KIT solves that problem, by taking the mess, fuss and trial and error out of MIY projects and providing a discovery box which allows women to understand and know first hand what they are putting on their skin and what the benefits are.


Describe a defining moment in which you realized you needed to love yourself more. Were there any lessons learned? Describe them.

Latticia: Giving birth this year has definitely made me realize that I need to be fully aware of who I am as a person, I need to know what I stand for, what I like, what I don't like, what inspires me, what de-motivates me. Having my son really encouraged me to love myself more and become my optimum self because I need to be a pattern to my son. I can't teach him to love himself if I can't love myself. It was a real awakening experience and it's a daily process, but it has given me such a new meaning to life. Now I question everything I do like is this project fulfilling? Am I doing this because I want to or because I have to? And more than ever I am finally listening and becoming in-tune with my own voice and instinct.


What does Black Girl Joy mean to you?

Latticia: Black Girl Joy to me is being unapologetically yourself regardless of what's in trend. I've had big lips my whole life and only now people worship them, so my point is to love every inch of yourself and don't wait for society to tell you what is now beautiful. So that means loving your hair, your skin, your complexion, your dark spots, your sideburns... everything.



Why do you feel self-care/self-love is important?

Latticia: Self-care is important because it allows you to give back to yourself. I spend most of my days giving out myself (through time, energy etc.) whether that is working on my business or looking after my family and it is all very consuming, so dedicating time to me is VERY important because essentially without pouring back into yourself you will become burnt out and exhausted.

How do you stay inspired? Tell us about some of your creative inspirations. 

Latticia: I stay inspired by connecting with women who carve their own paths, whether that is through the #RelevantWaffleGALspiration series, following girl bosses on Instagram, listening to podcasts like My Taught You. Being around women, in general, is a great source of inspiration to me because we are so resilient and so powerful.


How can we find you and/or your work?

Latticia: You can find me @relevantwaffle on Instagram, twitter, youtube, and Facebook.

You can also email me if you'd like to be apart of the #RelevantWaffleGALspiration series via latticia@relevantwaffle.com

To read interviews and see some waffle posts check out www.relevantwaffle.com

To shop the #MIYSELFCARE KIT check out the website: www.shoprelevantwaffle.com

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